Diversify Your Optometry Revenue

One in every eight adults, or 33 million Americans, have some form of Dry Eye Disease. The average yearly spend on DED is over $2 billion. Have you positioned your practice to be able to maximize your potential in this space?

PECAAthe Professional Eye Care Associates of America, in collaboration with Dry Eye University, has launched an all-encompassing, comprehensive learning experience that walks members through the process of building a dry eye profit center in just 90 days.

Participating Practices Can Expect to Discover:

  • Clinical Education for Doctors
  • Interactive Staff Training Opportunities (billing, scripting, role playing, and more.)
  • Equipment Breakdown & Selections
  • Facility Layout Consultation
  • Vendor Selection Overviews
  • Marketing Implementation & Referral Outreach Application

Join the inaugural class of 2020 – the member-exclusive program will begin on Wednesday, February 12!


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