What is PECAA?
Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA) is the nation’s premier doctor alliance group delivering customized tools, progressive tactics, business advice, marketing support, education, vendor relationships and peer-to-peer camaraderie to fuel member success.
What is PECAA Max?
PECAA Max is our premier membership program that allows members to access alliance benefits such as business advisors, education for doctors and staff, staff training, human resources support, and vendor discounts and rebates. Billing for PECAA Max members is available through both direct vendor billing and consolidated billing. All new/incoming members are PECAA Max members. Legacy HEA/PECAA Advantage members can become PECAA max members with a membership type change. Already a PECAA member? You are a PECAA Max Member!
What is PECAA Advantage?
Formerly known as HEA, PECAA Advantage is the consolidated billing group that allows members to access vendor discounts and rebates through consolidated billing. All PECAA Max members have access to PECAA Advantage vendor partnerships.
Who Can Join PECAA Max?
PECAA Max Membership is open to any Independent ECP engaged in the practice of opticianry, optometry, and ophthalmology. For more information about how PECAA’s portfolio of services can work for your practice, call us at (800) 959-2020, extension 3 or fill out this form.
What is the Duration of the PECAA Membership Contract?
Contract? What contract? PECAA  does not require a contract and Members receive total flexibility in their decision making. We are fully committed to providing business solutions that are equal to or greater than the cost of your monthly membership. If not, the next month is on us. Guaranteed.
What is Included in My PECAA Membership?
Your PECAA Membership is packed with resources to help your practice flourish - the unequalled IncentivEYES discount and rebate program; exclusive business guidance from our Member Business Advisors; local, regional and national events to educate and inspire; and a direct connection to a team of smart, down-to-earth people always ready to help. PECAA’s vendor programs, loyalty rebates, member business advisors, education, billing & coding support as well as local, regional and national member events are all included as part of your PECAA membership.
What Vendor Partnerships are Included in My PECAA Membership?
PECAA’s premier vendor partners include Zeiss, Luxottica, Johnson & Johnson, Safilo, Hoya, VSP and CooperVision. For a complete list of PECAA’s 200+ vendor partnerships, click here. For more information regarding PECAA’s unrivaled quarterly rebate program, click here. NEW!Since July 2021, PECAA is now able to offer consolidated billing that combines your ophthalmic purchases on one, easy to understand statement at no additional charge with your PECAA Max membership.
Is PECAA a Buying Group?
Part of your PECAA Max Membership includes Vendor discounts and rebates, but PECAA is not a buying group. As a PECAA Max Member, you have the freedom to use the vendor partnerships that work best for your practice. Unlike other groups, we do not require you to use certain labs, distributors, or contact lens brands in order to be a member of our organization. You will maintain independent ordering and invoicing through the vendors you choose to align with, but you will see your PECAA Max discounts reflected on your vendor statements. NEW!Since July 2021, PECAA Max is now able to offer consolidated billing that combines your ophthalmic purchases on one, easy to understand statement at no additional charge.
How Can I Speak to Someone Regarding PECAA Membership?
Call us at (502) 670-9200 or fill out this form.
How much does PECAA Membership cost?
PECAA doesn't use any type of membership contract so your practice has complete flexibility in its decision-making. Your practice will enjoy one PECAA membership for all doctors and locations, as PECAA membership is per Tax ID. The membership fee is $199/month for the first 12 months. After your first 12 months the membership fee increases to $279/month. Attend a PECAA Annual Meeting in your first year of membership and receive a $600 travel rebate*. *One rebate per practice, paid at the end of your first year of membership
I'm Ready... How Can I Join?
Joining PECAA is easy; all you need to do is click this link: Membership Application

Ready to Join PECAA?

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