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Marketing is a crucial aspect of running a successful eye care practice. As we step into 2024, it is important to consider major technological advancements and ever-changing patient purchasing behaviors, as they both shape the strategies needed to be effective in promoting your practice, yourself and your services.

Embrace All Forms Of Digital Marketing

The healthcare industry is experiencing a belated digital transformation, but it can no longer be ignored — digital marketing continues to dominate how a practice connects with its patients and especially how it attracts new patients. The same holds true in eye care: it’s imperative to utilize online appointment booking, call tracking and analytics, online review management and patient engagement. These functions are critical to creating a successful marketing plan and a prosperous practice.

The above technologies not only offer efficiency by freeing up staff administrative, but they also meet the patient where they are at; Millennials and Gen Z are the groups most affected by this digital transformation. According to the Press Ganey Report,  more than 72% of Millennials and Gen Z prefer to schedule a doctor’s appointment online or via an app, and more than 60% of that demographic do their research on a smartphone or tablet.

AI-Powered Marketing

Whether we like it or not, we are in the age of generative AI (Artificial Intelligence). Some AI-powered types of marketing include chatbots, message personalization, content creation, automation and advertising. It is important to understand how to leverage AI to benefit your practice — with this technology being a newly powerful and a sometimes-confusing tool, my suggestion is to rely on those who have a full-scope understanding of how it works and how to most effectively use it. PECAA Max members, reach out to Shelby to discuss how you could incorporate AI into your practice’s marketing plan.

Invest In Targeted Advertising

Target your advertising campaigns to reach your practice’s specific patient demographics. Use online platforms such as Google Ads and social media to target patients based on age, location or online behavior. To increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and attract potential long-term patients, your content should be relevant and personalized, and your advertisements tailored to highlight your unique services, promotions or special events. PECAA offers the PECAA Ads Program, which uses AI-powered AdTech to hyper target potential patients with buying intent.

Dr. White, who uses PECAA Ads for his San Diego practice, saw an immediate increase of 20% – 25% in new patients every month, since he began using PECAA Ads last May. “Essentially one new patient per month covers my cost — and I am seeing 20 or more new patients a month as a result”, he said.

Create A Culture That Patients Want To Be Part Of

Once you get your target patient in the door, you want them to continue to return for years to come. Your practice’s culture is an important piece to the puzzle — success will come when your marketing aligns with your culture. So how do you create your culture? Here are a couple of guidelines to focus on:

  • What do you want your practice to be known for?
    Think of how the patient will view you when they see your ad campaigns: Is there a specialty you offer that your competition doesn’t? Do you have technology that is valuable to your patients? Do you have frames that are only offered at your practice?
  • Work as a team to create the practice culture
    Brainstorm with your team to create a streamlined practice culture plan that provides positivity within your office and determines how they will interact with patients and each other.

Engage In Community Outreach (Word of Mouth Marketing)

All marketers will tell you that word of mouth marketing is still a prime technique. Word of mouth marketing is organic, and many practices have built their entire reputation using this approach.

Word of Mouth Marketing Tips:

  • Patient satisfaction
    Providing exceptional service will not only ensure a patient to return, but they will also be more likely to recommend you to their family and friends.
  • Pay attention to patient feedback
    Online review management — make sure you are paying attention to your patient’s feedback. Do you see a pattern of comments or a common negative or positive theme?
  • Referral marketing
    Consider creating a referral program for your patients — if a patient refers a family or friend to your practice, they can in turn receive a discount or credit towards a future visit, or even a product or service from you. If you advertise this offer, the patient is more likely to actively refer friends and family to your practice.

2024 is an exciting year when it comes to marketing — there are so many technologies and tactics to reach the exact patient demographic you want in your practice. If there is one thing to take away from this article, it is to start with one of these five marketing tactics to move your practice forward!  As a PECAA Max member, you can receive expert marketing advice from Shelby at no additional cost! Already a member? Book a meeting with Shelby here to get started. Not a PECAA Member? Contact us to learn how PECAA can help your practice thrive.


Shelby Wade, Marketing Business Advisor
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Shelby has more than five years of experience in developing strategic marketing plans and field marketing initiatives to drive results. With her passion for marketing and watching businesses thrive, she is excited to connect with PECAA Max Members and develop strategic plans for their practices to flourish.

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