PECAA Addresses Your Practice Pain Points: Helpful Tips And Solutions For Concerns That Real PECAA Members Encounter

Your optician unexpectedly was not able to make it in to work today, so what do you do? PECAA’s Optical Business Advisor, Kayla Groves, offers some tips for getting through this challenge.

1) Evaluate, Prioritize And Rebalance

Assess daily operational tasks on a priority basis and determine which tasks absolutely must get done, which medium priority tasks can be shifted to non-optical staff, and which low priority tasks can be postponed until the optician returns.

Take a quick evaluation of who is in the office today, think of where you can temporarily shift employees to fill in any operational gaps to get through the day — who is cross-trained in which areas of the practice, and where they could be most effective and efficient.

2) Use A Quick-Reference Lens Option Guide

Remove the guesswork and lens option complexities for your back-up optical staff by providing them with the office’s ‘preferred lens options’ information. Having an easy-to-use reference will make any unfamiliarity with the change in today’s tasks much simpler and worry-free. The quick-reference guide should include preferred lens types, coatings, materials, add-ons, and retail cost, for most patients that your optical serves on an average day. PECAA Max members, get help creating your quick reference sheet starting with this ‘Tier Pricing Selling Map’.

3) Teamwork And Patient Care

Encouragement and support go a long way during a challenging day. Reassure your staff that the whole office is working together as a team, and that everyone’s effort in shifting for the day is appreciated and will contribute to making the day a success. The goal is to deliver excellent patient care, without the patient sensing there is any difference in clinical staffing. If anyone’s team can do it, yours can!


Take advantage of the ‘Tier Pricing Selling Map’, created by PECAA’s Optical Advisor, Kayla Groves. As a PECAA Max member, you can receive this and other expert optical advice from Kayla at no additional cost! Already a member? Book a meeting with Kayla here to get started. Not a PECAA Member? Contact us to learn how PECAA can help your practice thrive.


Kayla Groves, Optical Business Advisor
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Kayla is an accomplished professional with 17 years of experience in the optical field. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed and operated multiple optometry practices, including her own. With her extensive expertise, she has worked closely with hundreds of optometry practices, providing valuable guidance and support. In addition to her practical experience, Kayla holds a Ph.D. in counseling, further enhancing her ability to understand and address the needs of patients and professionals in the field. Combining her optical knowledge with her counseling expertise, she has developed several educational programs that greatly benefit the profession. Kayla’s dedication to the optical field, extensive experience, and commitment to education make her a valuable resource to our members.

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