Member Spotlight: Dr. Daniel Miller – Erwin Eye Care

PECAA’s First Student Member – Member Conversion

Dr. Daniel Miller

When Daniel Miller, OD graduated from Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry in May of 2016, he made the decision to move back to the mountains of East Tennessee.

Like many recent graduates, Dr. Miller had to make a decision about whether to join an established practice as an associate, join a commercial or retail chain practice, or open his own private practice.

Dr. Miller had previous experience with PECAA, as he had been enrolled in our Student Membership Program after joining in his third year of optometry school. He joined our student membership program after hearing a presentation done by PECAA’s Director of Professional Relations, Dr. Michael Friedberg, to his Private Practice Club at Nova. As a student member, he became aware of PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program. When he made the decision to acquire Erwin Eye Care in Erwin, Tennessee that summer, he became a member in July of 2016 knowing that we could help with his upcoming transition.

The acquision took effect in mid-November of 2016, and Dr. Daniel Miller is now the local family eye doctor to residents in the surrounding area and strives to provide his patients the highest quailty of care. He is proud to be a part of the community he serves, and is actively involved with local non-profit organizations in the area.

We recently had an opportunity to connect with Dr. Miller to discuss his transition from a

PECAA student member to a PECAA cold start program member, and how his acquisition transition has been progressing.

What did you find beneficial about PECAA’s Student Membership Program?

It allowed me to learn PECAA’s philosophy and current vendor partnerships. So, when it was time for me to graduate and move into the private practice world, I knew that I aligned with PECAA’s goals and view of optometry.

Why did you decide to become a PECAA member after you graduated from optometry school?

Owning a private practice can be daunting at times. There are many industry partners that will try and pitch their services to you. PECAA was a vetting service of sorts for me. I knew that PECAA would only work with reputable companies and that if I ever had an issue, I would have a “big brother” to assist me.

What about PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program helped you as you were opening your practice?

The partnership PECAA has with RevolutionEHR proved to be very beneficial for me. It was an intuitive step to choose them as my EHR provider as they are a premier vendor partner of PECAA’s.

It was also helpful to have access to PECAA’s Billing and Coding Manager, Teri Thurston. That program has increased my profitability by helping me fine-tune my medical billing.

Speaking with my PECAA MBA, Tyler Judkins, was also beneficial as we discussed practice management ideas and my future goals for the practice.

What were some of your biggest challenges when opening a new practice?

Creating the system!

Would you recommend PECAA’s Student Membership Program to other optometry students?

Yes, PECAA’s student program is a good opportunity for students to take a realistic look into what real private practice life is like.

Would you recommend PECAA’s Cold Start Practice Program to eye care practitioners looking at opening their own practice?

Yes, PECAA bundles many of the resources needed to build a practice all in one place.

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