About PECAA Gives:

After a site visit to New Orleans in 2016, our Events Team approached PECAA with an idea… let’s find a way to leave our ‘footprint’ in the cities that welcome us each year – and PECAA Gives was officially born! Many of you were there when we ‘paraded’ through sheets of rain in the streets of New Orleans, led by our first PECAA Gives recipient, the Edna Karr Marching Band. Since that time, our Members and Vendor Partners have donated more than $185,000 to local groups and foundations in need.


2025 PECAA Gives Beneficiary

The 2025 PECAA Gives Beneficiary will be selected in the coming months. More information to come soon!

2024 PECAA Gives Beneficiary: Goodie Two Shoes Foundation

The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation provides disadvantaged children and children in crisis with new shoes and socks, as well as other items deemed essential for good health and positive development.

About The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation

Some of the children that the Goodie Two Shoes Foundation assists have NEVER had a new pair of shoes of their own much less been given the opportunity and empowerment to make an unrestrained, positive choice. The Goodie Two Shoes Foundation truly makes a difference to children whom don’t have a single properly fitting pair of shoes to call their own… to children whom stuff paper towels in the toes to make the over-sized pair they have wearable… to children whom take out the laces and yank out the tongue so that their growing feet can still be stuffed inside, and to children who miss school because they share a single pair of shoes with a sister AND a cousin. Sound ridiculous? It’s not, and it happens right here in Las Vegas every single day.

If something as simple as having a new pair of properly fitting shoes can brighten a child’s day, positively affect their growth and development and even keep them in school, then:

Goodie Two Shoes IS building a better Foundation one foot at a time!

Since its inception in 2003, Goodie Two Shoes has served more than 100,000 children in Nevada!



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