ZEISS Lab & IncentivEYES® Program

PECAA Members using a ZEISS-owned laboratory can take advantage of generous lab discounts and earn rebates for ZEISS lens products through the IncentivEYES® Member Rebate Program.




5% Quarterly Rebate on both Private & Insurance jobs sent to ZEISS Labs.

Rebate paid quarterly through PECAA’s IncentivEYES Quarterly Rebate.

ZEISS Lens Rebates

Earn IncentivEYES rebates on private-pay or third-party purchases of select ZEISS products through any CZV Network Laboratory.

Qualifying ZEISS Products Earnings Per Pair
ZEISS Progressive Individual® 2, 2I, 2N $15.00
ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Progressive $15.00
ZEISS Precision Superb $10.00
ZEISS Precision Plus , Precision Pure $8.00
ZEISS DriveSafe Progressive $8.00
ZEISS EnergizeMe Progressive $8.00
ZEISS Choice $5.00
ZEISS Digital Lens $2.50
ZEISS Individual Single Vision $2.50
ZEISS DriveSafe Individual Single Vision $2.50
ZEISS EnergizeMe Digital, Single Vision $2.50
ZEISS DriveSafe Single Vision $1.50
ZEISS Officelens $1.00
Qualifying Lens Enhancements Earnings Per Pair
ZEISS i.Scription® $4.00
ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum $3.50
ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect $3.50
ZEISS DuraVision DriveSafe $3.50
ZEISS DuraVision Mirror $3.00
ZEISS DuraVision Silver $2.50
ZEISS DuraVision Sun $2.50
ZEISS PhotoFusion® $2.50

ZEISS Lab Discounts

  • NEW 5% Quarterly Rebate on both Private & Insurance jobs sent to ZEISS Labs
  • 50% Off Multiple Pairs within 90 days


  • 34% Monthly Lab Discount – monthly lab purchases from $0-$3,999
  • 38% Monthly Lab Discount – monthly lab purchases from $4,000-$5,999
  • 40% Monthly Lab Discount – monthly lab purchases of $6,000 or greater

*Monthly lab purchases are based on private-pay only

Special Shipping Program

  • $0.95 Shipping per Rx job
  • $0.95 Shipping per Stock Lens Order (regardless of the size of order)

NEW - Additional Program Opportunity

ZEISS offers an Enhanced Program to qualifying PECAA Members.

Contact PECAA’s Membership Manager Sara Campbell or your local ZEISS Sales Representative to learn more about this exclusive confidential plan.


To align your Carl Zeiss Vision account with the PECAA program, fill out this form here.


PECAA Partnership

As a member of PECAA you will be partnered with ZEISS, the world leader in surgical microscopes and lasers to telescopes and lenses used in space exploration. These same technologies are used to compute and produce the world’s most advanced precision spectacle lenses and coatings.

ZEISS doesn’t just offer the best in lenses and coatings. We also deliver them through our nationwide network of Rx Laboratories. As a PECAA Member, when you choose one of our laboratories not only do you get a complete range of lens products and services, you also have access to the latest customized free-form progressive lenses from the world leader in customized progressive lenses. Plus we are the certified source for PrescripSun™ sunwear, combining the most fashionable designer frames with an optical breakthrough in prescription wrap lenses.

ZEISS Laboratories bring you the best of two worlds – the resources and technologies of a global company combined with the personal service of a small business.

ZEISS is a proud sponsor of the Member Business Advisor Program

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