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InD Eyewear is the exclusive frame brand for PECAA. It was created exclusively for PECAA Members and will only be sold through PECAA Members. InD Eyewear is a top-quality frame line designed to provide Members increased gross margins, profitability and EBITDA because of PECAA’s new direct-from-factory relationship.

Member’s now can sell a truly independent frame collection. A frame collection that benefits your patient and your business.


Why InD Eyewear?

InD Eyewear, PECAA’s exclusive private label eyewear brand, was developed for two primary reasons. First, to help their independent Members better compete. Second to help Members fight inflation.

In today’s highly competitive optical industry, Member practices are under attack from many different forces like managed care, corporate optometry, and private equity. Growing profitability is challenging. Over the past 10 years, ECP’s capture rates have been declining – reportedly now less than 50%. This means one out of every two patients are not buying their eyewear from the practice where they get their eye examined.

Inflation is at a 40-year high. From May 2021 to May 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers increased 8.6 percent, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending December 1981. In 2022, Members have to increase their net income by over 8% just to stay even with the impact of INFLATION. Doing more of the same is not an inflation fighting strategy. It’s time to transform your optical approach.

InD Eyewear is a private label, factory direct program. PECAA Members benefit because:

  • Exclusive to PECAA Members
  • High quality, differentiating frame line
  • 70 – 80% cost-of-goods savings
  • Listed in Frames Data/Facts & VSP catalog
  • Can’t be shopped online
  • No shipping costs
  • One-year manufacture warranty

“I have always thought about having my own line of eyewear. This program just makes it really easy through PECAA. The frames have been really good and the quality has been on par with all of the other brands in that price range. Patients have actually been choosing these over the other ones we offer, and they are really liking the price they are offered at. Many are not paying a ton out of pocket or even needing to use their insurance.”
Dr. David Britzke
Spectrum Eyewear Gallery

Member Benefits

InD Eyewear by PECAA levels the playing field by providing Members high quality frames with very low cost-of-goods. Each PECAA Member controls the brand providing their patients with more value to effectively compete against the chains and online retailers.

InD Eyewear by PECAA is successful. Since launching in January 2021, it has proven it provides practices with increased gross margins, profitability and EBITDA because of our direct-from-factory relationship.

  • Increased Profit – The cost-of-goods are 70-80% below branded frames. InD is listed in Frames Facts / Data and will increase your managed care reimbursements by as much as 70% as compared to similar branded frames.
  • Exclusivity & Differentiation – InD Eyewear by PECAA will not be sold online and therefore can’t be shopped online. Only PECAA Members can sell InD Eyewear.
  • Quality Crafted Frames – Only the best for your patients and only the best for our Members.
  • Control – This is YOUR brand. You have complete control over the product.


“Quality of the frames: – As a licensed optician, I take pride in selling quality products to our patients. I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of the InD frames, and feel very comfortable showing our patient’s the variety of shapes and colors that are available.”
-Markus Howard, Licensed Optician
Lilac Family Eye Care


Member Pricing

InD Eyewear’s pricing is simple and straight forward. All acetate frames cost $26.95 and all titanium frames cost $36.95. New accounts also qualify for a $180 one-time discount off their initial 36 frame opening order with the total cost approximately $790. Shipping costs are always included.


“InD Eyewear has been a great staple for our office by providing a solution to capture more patients and improving our profits.”
Dr. Steven Chau
Vision Republic, PLLC

Managed Care

InD Eyewear is listed in Frames Data/Facts & VSP catalog and compared to similar branded frames, InD will increase your managed care profits by 70%. Information is available to help you process your managed care patients.

“InD Eyewear frames fill a gap in our inventory and provide quality, stylish frames for the price-conscious consumer who ‘wants a frame for which the insurance company will pay.’ In turn, it allows us the opportunity to recoup incremental dollars we were losing from insurance company sales due to other brand’s moderate frame lines increasing in price by seven- to 10-percent…”
Melissa Sylte, Business Manager
Griebenow Eyecare



The frame shapes are classic and conservative. Proven sellers over time and the perfect addition to your overall frame assortment. The InD Eyewear collection includes womens, mens, tween, unisex, XL, and titanium styles with eye sizes ranging from 45 to 59.

Select the frames and colors you want from the InD Eyewear ordering platform. Fill in the gaps in your optical. Minimum opening order is 36 frames. It’s that easy.



“I like the styles. I think that they will sell well in our office. They feel like they are high quality frames; I especially like the hinges very durable.”
Gwen, Optician
20 – Twenty Optical and Eyecare

Special Bridge Fit

Any acetate frame can be ordered with a custom wire, adjustable nose pad to help fit patients with large and small bridges or high cheek bones. For a $6 fee, the standard bridge is filed off and replaced with a special fit adjustable bridge. For more details and pictures, please see page 90 in the digital catalog.


InD Eyewear by PECAA is created from the finest materials and components. The frames are made from Grade A, Italian acetate, German and Japanese riveted hinges and the titanium comes from Japan and China. Exactly the same materials and components used by the leading frame companies.


“Great quality, nice materials. They are easily compared to our other independent frame lines that retail/wholesale much higher. Our patients have responded well to them.”
-Dr. Stephanie Price
Port Royal Eyecare


How Does It Work?

1. Learn about InD Eyewear by scheduling a meeting with Doug Martin.


2. Review the digital catalog HERE

3. No Cost Samples – We’ll send you three (3) frames. The goal is to let you experience InD’s quality, craftmanship and components first-hand. Examine the finish on the acetate frame. See how the riveted hinges work to create a seamless transition. Notice the details used to create a beautiful frame. Remember, the collection offers 57 styles and 240 colors. If you’re not a fan of the sample styles or colors we send, no problem because you have lots of options to curate your own collection.


4. Joining InD Eyewear is easy. Simply complete our New Account form in less than 5 minutes and submit it.


5. Once your new account is established, select the frames and colors you want from the InD Eyewear ordering platform. Minimum opening order is 36 frames. It’s that easy.

6. Pricing…YOU control the retail pricing.


“InD Eyewear has been a great staple for our office by providing a solution to capture more patients and improving our profits. Since bringing on InD Eyewear, the quality speaks for itself and we have not had to fix or ask for a warranty replacement for them. The designs are based on frames that have high capture rates and are a huge hit with the general public. InD Eyewear has given us the competitive edge over online retailers while continuing to give patients a high-quality product. Our staff and myself love being independent and we love working with the InD Eyewear program!”
Dr. Steven Chau
Vision Republic, PLLC


Reordering is simple and straight forward, like shopping on Amazon. Shop for frames on the InD Eyewear ordering portal. The minimum order is 25 frames and includes free shipping. If you want only 10-24 frames, there is a $20 shipping/handling fee. You can order whenever you want or need frames.



About InD Eyewear

Member practices are under attack from many industry forces. Growing profitability is challenging. The current frame distribution system is inefficient and expensive. By changing our thinking just a little, Members can innovate their practice while unlocking new profit opportunities. Thrive, not just survive.

That is why we created InD Eyewear: a new brand of affordable, stylish and high-quality frames sold exclusively to independent ECPs enrolled in a PECAA membership. With InD Eyewear, it is our mission to help ECP’s access affordable frames to grow their revenue and differentiate their practice.

What Are InD Eyewear Clients Saying About It?

CLICK HERE for full testimonials

…quality, stylish frames for the price-conscious consumer who wants a frame for which the insurance company will pay.

We have been very pleased with the wide selection of frames styles and colors…

This frame line is very competitive and helps minimize loss of sales to the internet sites…

InD is a workhorse on our frame board!

…very pleased with the craftmanship of the InD frames…

…the more InD frames we sell, the more our profit margins will increase…

…the frames are easy to adjust…

…the quality speaks for itself and we have not had to fix or ask for a warranty replacement for them.

InD has been a HUGE success in our office.

InD has helped us provide better care to our patients by offering a quality product that is also a more affordable option.

We have had great feedback from our patients on the product.

The patients really love the style of the frames, along with the quality. They are easy to sell, look good on patients, and great for our bottom line! I recommend InD Eyewear for every office!

InD Eyewear Practice Strategies

Because YOU control the brand, you can use InD Eyewear strategically in your optical department. PECAA Members are generally positioning InD Eyewear three ways:

  • To compete against online competitors or to maximize their managed care reimbursements because of its low cost-of-goods (70-80% below branded frames).
  • To position InD Eyewear as part of their core frame offering retailing between $180-$240. This strategy maximizes their practice’s gross margins and profitability.
  • To compete against big box stores like Costco or Walmart. Members are positioning InD as part of a lens and frame value package program. The practices are successful in keeping the patient and their RX because of the value they can provide their patient while generating above average profit margins.


“We knew we were losing Medicare patients to Costco. These patients are some of our most loyal and long-term patients but at times simply felt like they couldn’t afford to buy glasses with us. Those patients have been thrilled to be able to stay with us and get something that fits their budget. These packages sold with the InD frame have been a win-win for the patient and the practice.”
Dr. Nick Garns
Zionsville Eyecare


Would you like to experience the quality of InD Eyewear by PECAA? CLICK HERE to order a three frame no-obligation sample kit so you can touch, feel and see the quality firsthand.

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