Optometry GiftsOptometry is a rewarding field, but it can also be challenging and stressful. Optometrists put so much of their time and energy into helping others that they deserve to be rewarded and recognized in return. Optometry gifts are a great way to show your gratitude for their hard work and contribution to society. Studies show that gifts can even help prevent burnout

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for an optometrist, optometry student, or eyecare enthusiast in your life, we’ve got plenty of ideas to make them feel appreciated and celebrated. 

Optometry Gifts for Eye Care Enthusiasts 

For optometry-themed gifts, sites like Etsy and Redbubble are great places to start your search. The Etsy shop eyelovelifedesigns was started by optometrist Dr. Nickell after struggling to find eye care-related gifts for her friends and colleagues during the holiday season. The shop carries a wide selection of t-shirts, drink tumblers, stickers, hats, and more – including some with funny eye care quotes and puns. 

Of course, gifts for optometrists don’t have to be eye care-themed! If that’s not what you’re looking for, we’ve got plenty of other ideas… 

Gifts for Optometry Students & Recent Graduates

Learning tools, like an anatomical eye model or diagnostic set, make great gifts for optometry students who are just starting out. Gifts like these will be practical and useful during their time in school and beyond. 

Graduating from optometry school is a massive achievement. To celebrate this milestone, one thoughtful gift idea is to have the graduate’s degree mounted and framed for display in their new office. If the recent graduate is looking to open their own optometry practice, you could help make their dream a reality by contributing to a cold start practice program enrollment. This gift will equip them with all the knowledge, support, and confidence they need to build an optometry practice from the ground up! 

Gifts for Optometrists & Practice Owners

Working as an optometrist can be stressful, so any gift that makes their life or job easier or more enjoyable would surely be well-received. Any optometrist, but especially one just starting out, would appreciate a membership to a professional optometry network like PECAA. With access to training, networking opportunities, consulting, marketing support, discounts, and more, this is a gift that keeps on giving! 

For an optometrist who’s feeling overworked or stressed out, you could give a gift that encourages a bit of self-care and helps prevent burnout. This could be a subscription to a meditation app, a spa gift certificate, or a ready-to-ship wellness gift set full of luxurious items like face masks, bath salts, etc. 

Gifts for Optometry Offices & Optometry Staff 

Another gift idea for an eye care professional is something they can use to decorate their practice. This could be a potted plant for the waiting room, a piece of artwork, or a personalized business cardholder. A framed vintage optical drawing or print would look great in their office or waiting room! For more inspiration, check out our blog post on optometry office decorations and design ideas. 

If you run your own optometry practice, you might want to consider rewarding your team members with gifts from time to time– perhaps when they join the team, over the holidays, on birthdays, or on work anniversaries. Gifts are an important part of employee recognition and can help increase employee engagement, prevent burnout, and minimize turnover. Gifts for your optometry staff could be anything listed in this article, gift cards, team bonding experiences or outings, etc. 

Optometry Gifts & More with PECAA 

At the end of the day, gifts for optometrists are only limited by your imagination and creativity. You can stick with the eye-care theme or use whatever else you know about their individual interests and passions for inspiration. Whatever you choose, be as personal and thoughtful as possible and you can’t go wrong. Oftentimes, a nice card or note of appreciation is even more meaningful than a gift! 

For optometrists and practice owners looking to reward and motivate their team members, PECAA membership comes with access to countless HR solutions and practice management resources. 

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