PECAA’s first ever Virtual Vendor Exhibit Showcase is coming up on Friday, March 26, 2021 and we encourage all owners, doctors, managers and staff to visit our wide array of frame, contact lens, lab, equipment, distributor, pharmaceutical and service booths.

Plan to join us at a time that is convenient to you between 11:00am – 3:00pm Pacific to explore, connect and learn about the newest offerings and exclusive promotions available to you as a PECAA Member.


You’ll want to follow our 6 tips to prepare your practice for the Vendor Exhibit Showcase so you can maximize your experience and boost your savings at the event.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of One-Day Only Purchasing Opportunities

Make sure to send a member (or several) of your team to the Vendor Exhibit Showcase, as a majority of our vendor partners are offering exclusive show discounts that will only be available to day-of attendees. Plan to visit their virtual booth spaces and explore the unique opportunities available to you as a PECAA member.

Plan Ahead: On Monday, March 22 PECAA will be releasing the Special Edition Showcase Newsletter which will outline every single promotion, giveaway and exclusive offer occurring on the 26th. Browse the newsletter prior to the event to plan your day-of agenda and which booths you need to visit.

Tip #2: Assess Your Current Practice Needs

Take a few moments prior to the event to assess your current practice goals and review your performance metrics. COVID may have shifted the needs of your practice in the immediate future, so you’ll want to determine what equipment, service or production assistance you’ll need in the next 1-3 years to help you achieve your goals. Plan to meet with the corresponding vendor partners that can help you get there during the showcase on Friday.

Plan Ahead: Schedule a team meeting with your staff to gain their insights on short and long term practice needs to maximize performance. Divvy up the task of visiting vendor booths amongst your team members.

Tip #3: Review Our Lineup of New PECAA Vendor Partners

PECAA has created an entire section in the exhibit hall with a list of new PECAA Vendor Partners, so plan on exploring these vendor booths to learn more and figure out if any of our new frame, equipment or service partners can assist your practice in lowering your cost of goods and increasing your profitability.

Tip #4: Know What Your Office Is Selling From Your Frame Boards

Review your actual frame sales by vendor (or better yet, by brand) and identify which have the slowest turn rates. Why are they not performing? Is it price, style, rep service, etc? Armed with these insights, plan to visit several PECAA frame vendor partner booths to explore how you can replace underperforming lines.

Tip #5: Prepare to Lower Your Cost of Goods

Are you really getting great lab pricing? We hear this often with members who don’t work with PECAA’s premier lab partners (VSP, Hoya and Zeiss). Most often when we complete a financial analysis of the practice we find that members have been leaving money on the table – sometimes a LOT of money. Visit our lab partner booths and ask for a complete like-for-like pricing comparison to find out if you have newfound profits awaiting you!

Plan Ahead: You may want to have copies of recent lab invoices and lab statements ready to hand over when requesting a pricing comparison.

Tip #6: Maximize Your Time

Several of our vendor partners are offering webinars, demos, overviews and one-on-one consultations during the event. View the agenda below to find the live events taking place on the 26th and schedule your time accordingly.


We can’t wait to connect with you at the event on Friday, March 26th!
Don’t forget to visit the PECAA booth to chat with us and explore how you can be maximizing your membership!

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