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Hopefully by now you’ve heard of PECAA’s Employee Assessment service, which was designed specifically for eye care practices and can be used to evaluate your current team members or determine if potential candidates are a good fit for your office.

The assessments measure four dimensions of behavior to determine how:

  • The individual responds to challenges
  • The individual responds to their environment
  • The individual responds to rules and procedures, &
  • How they influence others

Now your practice can take this service a step further by participating in an interactive coaching session with your entire team as you work together to understand everyone’s behavior results, brainstorm ways to work more cooperatively and create cohesion in the office.

Introducing the Behavior Assessment Coaching Session 

Gale Stoner, Leadership Coach and Meeting Facilitator, has created a 90-minute virtual coaching session which begins with a brief overview of your team members assessment reports and how to effectively interpret the results.

In addition, the self-discovery segment of the session will highlight each individual’s strengths and potential weaknesses and how that impacts the team’s overall performance and patient satisfaction.

Book your session by November 1st and take advantage of a discounted $300 fee.

Booking after November 1st will be at the standard fee of $500.

To Book Your Session or For More Information, Please Contact:

Gale Stoner

Member Spotlight: Uptown Eyes, PLLC

A Review of the Behavior Assessment Coaching Session

We had an opportunity to catch up with Megan Baureis, OD of Uptown Eyes, PLLC (which was recently awarded third place in the America’s Finest Optical Retailers contest!) about her experience participating in the Behavior Assessment Coaching Session with their entire team.

Why Did Your Practice Participate in the Coaching Session?

We wanted everyone to get to know themselves and each other a little better. DISC really helps to illustrate why some people prefer different communication styles or even job duties. Introspection and self awareness is always good for personal growth as well.

What Did the Team Learn, and Has It Impacted the Way They Communicate With One Another (and With Patients)?  

We discussed how each person’s behavioral style can affect communication within the office as well as areas for improvement. We plan on using the DISC assessment for hiring of new employees to better understand if they would naturally be comfortable in the job role we are hiring for.

Just opening the discussion innately makes communication more open and easy. We have always been a culture of open-door communication, but it takes daily practice to really make it happen. Doing exercises like this is a great reminder of that.

What Advice Do You Have for Other Members Considering Hosting a Session With Their Team?

1. Be prepared to have to be in separate rooms due to the noisy feedback on Zoom if the devices are too close together.

2. Bring a charger for your device!

3. Ask the team if it’s okay to share assessments BEFORE the meeting, so everyone can see each others’ graphs during the session. Visualizing each person’s graph when reviewing would add to the benefits. We shared after the meeting as a recap, which was also beneficial.

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