optometry groupTo succeed in the world of optometry, it’s best to surround yourself with like-minded, hardworking professionals who you can learn from and look to for guidance in challenging situations. Finding or building the right network of people you trust can be challenging and time-consuming to do on your own. Rather than start from zero, you can join an established, respected, professional optometry support network to help you succeed and advance in the industry.

If you’re passionate about moving your practice forward and developing new strategies, processes, and ideas to better serve your customers, joining a networking group of like-minded professionals is absolutely imperative. In today’s age, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with professional peers, especially online on platforms like LinkedIn. This can be valuable, but usually only scratches the surface. More formal optometry network groups not only allow you to meet fellow members in person at seminars and events but also provides many other benefits which we will outline below. An optometry networking group will provide the support, opportunities, and guidance to connect, grow, and most importantly, prosper in the field of optometry!

Connect: Harness the Power of Networking with an Optometry Group

Joining a community of optometry professionals can help your business in many ways, whether it be through information sharing, advice or relationship building. A professional who actively networks will be far more supported and well-informed than one who remains isolated. The following are several ways in which an optometry group can help your practice through networking and building connections: 

  • Peer Development and Business Advice: Everyone does best when they’re supported by others – isolating yourself in the business world will only lead to decline. With an optometry network group, you will have countless opportunities to connect and learn from other successful optometrists, whether it be seasoned veterans in the industry or recent graduates with fresh perspectives, you’re bound to learn and evolve your business. When challenges arise, you will not feel as much pressure or stress on your shoulders knowing that you have others to turn to for advice and resources. On the other hand, sharing your lessons and helping others grow can be a reflective and fulfilling process for you and your team.
  • Connecting for Referrals: Optometry network groups can also be a useful source of referrals that can boost your practice and help you reach new customers. For example, you can find an associate who is in a complementary area of focus to yours and build a mutual referral partnership that allows you to provide your customers with the best-combined service. It’s a win-win situation for you both!
  • Access to Events, Dinners and Workshops: Optometry network groups can easily connect you online with other professionals, but in-person networking simply can’t be beat. For example, PECAA hosts frequent events, dinners with facilitated discussion and hands-on workshops throughout the country, as well as an annual national gathering, to provide in-person opportunities to connect, learn and even have some fun with your peers! 

Grow Your Practice 

In addition to networking opportunities, optometry groups can also provide numerous opportunities for skills development and continued education, including the following examples: 

    1. Collaborative Working Opportunities: As mentioned above, networking is all about building relationships, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. With optometry network groups you will have the chance to take collaboration and networking to the next level with workshops and specific themed events where other members share their specialties while also learning from expert presenters.
    2. Increased Learning Opportunities: Running your own business is an incredible learning experience, but one that should welcome outside perspectives. Although some succeed on their own, access to a shared knowledge base can mean a world of difference for your practice. Rather than doing all the research on your own and hoping for the best, join an optometry group where you can have access to carefully vetted training, resources and more! Joining an optometry network group will also help you stay up-to-date on the latest industry regulations to ensure compliance and avoid problems down the line.
    3. Market Research: In addition to the shared knowledge base, optometry groups will also compile market research for their members. Market research can be expensive and difficult to obtain but with an optometry group, you’ll be granted access to market trends, new ideas and processes, demographic data and more. This will help your practice grow and stay well-informed and ahead of the curve.
    4. Optometry Consulting: Another way optometry groups can contribute to your practice’s growth is through consulting, monitoring and evaluation. For example, PECAA has a team of professional consultants who can help their members in the following areas: Frame Board Management, Staffing Analysis, Staffing Incentives, Accounts Receivable Management, Practice Valuations, Hiring New Associates/Staff, and Personnel Changes.
    5. Administrative Solutions: Optometry network groups can also help ease the administrative burden for your practice through access to tools, advisors and other resources. As an example, PECAA offers members free access to their Billing & Coding Solutions Program. With the amount of time and resources optometry practices put towards complicated billing, coding and dealing with insurance claims, this is an invaluable resource and can help you become self-sufficient and cut outsourcing costs. PECAA also has Staff Training Programs ready for you to implement, to ease the financial and time costs of onboarding new team members.  Other administrative support available includes Human Resources 

Prosper and Thrive with an Optometry Community

With great connections, collaboration, and up-to-date information, the next phase after joining, connecting and growing with an optometry group is to make sure you and your practice continue to thrive! To encourage prosperity in your business, optometry network groups help in the following areas:

  1. Providing Substantial Optometry Group Discounts and Rebates: The power of an optometry community goes beyond learning and sharing, there is also collective bargaining and saving to take advantage of. For example, PECAA group buying power connects members to 70+ high-quality, trusted vendors offering discounts up to 50%.
  2. Raising your Practice’s Profile: In addition to monetary benefits,  joining a networking group also sets your practice up for long-term success by strengthening its brand and profile. In some cases, simply joining a well-established and recognized network group and including it on your website can set you ahead of your competitors and position you as an expert and industry leader. It can provide existing and potential customers with a greater sense of trust in you, knowing that you have a strong, respected network behind you. PECAA offers a complete Marketing & Branding Package for your practice, helping you develop and maintain your reputation and online profile.
  3. Access to Loyalty Rebate Programs: Lastly, PECAA’s IncentivEYES® Member Rebate Program is the only one of its kind in the industry and consolidates each vendor’s rebate into one quarterly check. This unparalleled program rewards you on your net purchases, not just on growth!

Benefits of Joining an Optometry Networking Group

Whether you are just starting out your own practice or looking to grow or enhance your existing business, joining an optometry networking group can help lift some weight off of your shoulders. With more support, you will achieve your goals more quickly and easily. The networking component will help you find a ready community of like-minded professionals, build trusted relationships, establish mutually-beneficial referral partnerships, and learn from others. Once you are welcomed into the community, you can take advantage of all the benefits available to help your practice grow and evolve. A group like PECAA provides programs that will help you stay up-to-date on new treatments, technology, research, and regulations, build your team’s capacity, streamline your administrative functions, spend less money, and get solid advice when you need it – because, with all the work that goes into building and running your own practice, you are bound to need it eventually. 

If you join PECAA, one of the premier Doctor Alliance Groups in the nation, we will do everything we can to propel your practice forward.

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