Thank You For Attending!

Thank you to all of our Members, Vendors and guests for attending PECAA’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Austin, TX! We appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to connect, learn and grow with us. We hope to see you at the 2020 Annual Meeting in Denver, CO… April 30 – May 2, 2020!


Crossing the Generational Divide In Your Practice: Specific Ways to Unlock the Potential of Each Generation
Jason Dorsey

Doctor & Staff Track: In this action-packed presentation, acclaimed speaker Jason Dorsey will separate myths from truths to unlock the potential of each generation in your practice. He will reveal why Millennials are not one generation, but two. He’ll explain how each generation brings something valuable as employees, patients, and influencers. He’ll also present a brand new way to look at generations that you can use immediately to drive results with recruiting, retention, motivation, and marketing. Jason has been featured on over 200 TV shows including 60 Minutes, received over 1,000 standing ovations, and led original research around the world. He wrote his first bestselling book at age 18. You will leave this interactive presentation inspired about your own generation and with specific actions you can use immediately in your practice.


OD’s Just Wanna Get Paid
(Bryan Hoban, Tyler Judkins, Teri Thurston, Jenny Wiley)

Doctor & Staff Track: Join PECAA’s MBA Team as they walk Members through a live practice assessment demonstration. Attendees will need to come prepared with their most recent profit & loss statement. With your practice numbers in hand, PECAA’s business advisor team will show attendees how to analyze their practice’s P&L and production metrics in real-time. This demonstration will dive into topics such as Revenue Production, Cost of Goods (what does well managed cost of goods actually look like?), Staffing Expense, Profitability and much more. Industry averages are just that…averages. This demonstration will be geared towards different sizes and styles of practices and how those might deviate from industry averages. Let’s get to the bottom line and find out whether or not you are running your practice as profitably and efficiently as you can.


Crucial Conversations (COPE ID: 61877-PM, ABO & AOA)
Kevin Jansma

Doctor & Staff Track: Are there difficult conversations that you dread having? Or conversations that you have but they end up not going well? This course will increase your confidence and effectiveness when faced with having difficult conversations with your employees, co-workers, and even patients. This course will teach you how to prepare, execute and follow-up with challenging conversations in your work and personal life and give you practical take-aways that you can implement immediately to help you become a better communicator.


Implementing an Outcome Based Eye Care Community Diabetes Management Program
Jim Grue, OD & Jennifer Low

Doctor & Staff Track: This presentation will discuss why Optometry needs to move into outcome-based care delivery to position providers so that they can benefit from new reimbursements that are becoming available through alternate payment models. It will show how this type of care is being implemented in a number of cities already, led by local PECAA Members, and how similar programs can be setup in any community. The presentation will demonstrate the resources that PECAA has in place to guide Members through the steps necessary to successfully implement the first, integrated and outcome-based, diabetic eye care management program in the country.

We will also be discussing the 21st Century Cures Act, the new driving force in healthcare reform. This new legislation represents a major leap in how healthcare reform will affect ODs and truly makes providers responsible for the care they deliver and empowers the patient to use their data in ways that have never been available before.


Eyewear Trends & Selection Techniques (ABO & AOA)
Joy Gibb, ABOC

Staff Track: Have you ever wondered why some dispensers can pick just a few frames from the board and the customer will quickly pick one of the first two or three presented to them? This course will explore some tips and tricks to help you match frame styles and colors with customer’s face shape and features. Attendees will also see the latest trends in colors, shapes, designs, and textures in both eyewear and sunwear.


What Is Your Doctor Talking About? (ABO & AOA)
Michael Friedberg, OD

Doctor & Staff Track: This course is designed for Front Office, Optical, and Ophthalmic staff who would like to learn more about the different conditions optometrists treat. Starting at the lids and ending at the optic nerve, Dr. Friedberg will share a brief summary of various conditions and diseases along with what causes them, what symptoms they present, and how they are treated. Dr. Friedberg will also offer short descriptions of various instruments used and the information they provide.


Customer Experience and Engagement: Making Patients for Life (COPE ID: 61409-PM, ABO & AOA)
Joy Gibb, ABOC

Doctor & Staff Track: Everyone would love to have patients that stay for life and that bring multiple generations to our practices. How can that be achieved in an ever changing climate of insurances and retail buying options? This course will explore ways to engage your patients and give them experiences that will make them some of your best cheerleaders and biggest sources of future referrals.


When to Take On an Associate & How A Contract Should be Structured
Jerry Sude, OD

Doctor & Staff Track: This lecture will discuss how to determine when an Associate is needed, whether to take the place of an existing OD or to bring in a new Associate, as well as what financial and patient volume considerations need to be addressed. We will also go over how to ensure common mistakes are not missed when structuring an Associate contract that could create a financial burden on the practice.


New Ideas in Glaucoma Management (COPE 51012-GL)
John McGreal, OD

Doctor Track: This class will discuss the latest trends in glaucoma diagnosis and treatments, surgical modalities and emerging trends on diagnostics will be discussed.


Dry Eye Revised (COPE 60109-AS)
John McGreal, OD

This class will review all of the latest updates to the classification, diagnosis, medical and surgical management of dry eye disease. New biomedical devices, pharmaceutical agents, and standard of care changes will be highlighted.


Secrets to Effective Optical Marketing (ABO & AOA)
Samantha Toth, ABOC

Staff Track: More than 90% of local business owners are disappointed with the results they get from their marketing. Yet close to the same amount of business owners do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. This course is designed to convert marketing skeptics into believers by teaching them easy-to-implement marketing secrets that will provide optical professionals with a competitive edge.

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Navigating the Lens Material Maze (ABO & AOA)
Valerie Manso, ABOC, FNAO, ALB, ACB

Staff Track: Once upon a time the only lens material available to the ophthalmic professional was glass. Then along came resin lenses in the form of CR-39 and polycarbonate. Today we can add 1.54 index, 1.56 index, 1.60 index, 1.67 index and more. Now throw into the mix a variety of photochromic materials and we have a resultant maze.

This session will assist in unraveling this complex maze of options. Every lens material has its uses. In order to best assist the eyewear consumer it is essential that optical professionals understand the features or characteristics of a given lens material and be able to translate these characteristics into customer benefits.


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