Member Spotlight: Dr. Adina Zapodeanu

A Recap of the Exclusive PECAA Member Event at the Alcon Experience Center
Finding a Solution for the Modern Day, Screen-Centric Contact Lens Wearer

Recently, PECAA Member Dr. Adina Zapodeanu of Beaverton Eye Health in Oregon attended an exclusive PECAA event hosted at the Alcon Experience Center in Fort Worth, Texas. The Practitioners Visiting Alcon Program aimed to teach attendees about a new contact lens that addresses many of the current tradeoffs and problems many contact lens wearers face.

Dr. Zapodeanu actually attended her first Alcon traning event as a student 13 years ago and had such a positive experience that when the chance to attend the new Alcon Experience Center, which opened two years ago, arose, she jumped at the opportunity. The all expenses paid event included travel, airfare, meals and accommodations. Dr. Zapodeanu was also able to bring her staff to the training, which was a deciding factor in her decision to attend.

I discovered the new training was offered to both doctors and staff, so I thought, ‘OK, let’s go back there and see how we can improve fittings for contact lenses’,” Dr. Zapodeanu says. “They are one of the most important companies in eye care, conducting research and clinical trials of everything — dry eye, allergies, infections, ocular surgeries, glaucoma, cataracts, or vitamins used for macular degeneration.

While in attendance, Dr. Zapodeanu learned about new types of contact lenses, including the Dailies Total 1 Sphere and Total Dailies Multifocal focal, as daily options, and Air Optix with Hydraglyde, Toric, respectively Multifocal, that are monthly replacement. The training also went over a new fitting tool for patients.

I was interested in these new focal contact lenses,” Dr. Zapodeanu explains, “because it’s difficult to find the right product for contact users. There are many options currently out there, but they are not 100% successful for all the uses — close distance, long distance, computer, iPhone use.

It’s amazing what we do with our eyes everyday!” Dr. Zapodeanu adds with a laugh.

Real-Life Results Show Promise

After she returned from the training, Dr. Zapodeanu says she started to apply what she learned and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

“At the Alcon facility, they showed us three clinical encounters,” she says. “I was skeptical, because I thought, ‘it’s Alcon, they invited these patients, and they used their own contacts, so of course it’s going to work.’”

“But when I came back to my office and applied it, it actually worked for my patients too,” Dr. Zapodeanu explains.

Training for the Entire Office

Two of my three office staff attended,” she says. “My patient coordinator and an optician actively participated in the training, and they were able to hear and absorb everything with their own ears.”

Alcon executed a good training program, and I was pleased I could take my staff with me,” Dr. Zapodeanu says. “I was impressed by their generosity as well as the quality of the training, and was happy to learn something for myself.

And I was glad to be able to offer my patients these lenses that seem to cover all current  shortcomings,” she explains. “My patients say it works, that they are comfortable and the optics are sharp and good.”

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