Must See Tucson Neighborhoods & Eats

PECAA 2018 Annual Meeting

In the spirit of helping you make the most of your time in Tucson, AZ while attending PECAA’s Annual Meeting, April 19-21, 2018, at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa, here is an interesting list of ‘must see’ neighborhoods and tasty treats to sample while you are soaking in the local Tucson experience.

Explore Tucson Hot Spots Via the Sun Link (Streetcar)!

Connecting all major hubs in Tucson since 2014 – the Sun Link (streetcar) has become a popular way to hop on/hop off – and explore some of the most interesting sights of Tucson.  The 4-mile route offers 18 stops along the way, and provides an easy transportation option to hit all the major activity areas.

University of Arizona: 

A beautiful campus to explore & home of the Wildcats, you’ll discover that much of the main campus has been designated as an Arboretum, featuring plants from around the world – labeled on a self-guided plant walk (and be on the look-out for literally hundreds of Olive trees, many over 100 years old).  While there, be sure & stop into the Krutch Cactus Garden – which features the tallest Boojum tree in the state of Arizona!

Historic Fourth Avenue:

An area rich in Tucson history, Fourth Avenue has evolved into a one-stop destination for funky fashion, unique decor & gifts, food, bars & entertainment – you won’t want to miss the 100+ shops lining this lively & colorful neighborhood.

Main Gate Square: 

A shopping district located near the U of A campus – a fun, relaxed place to poke around & mingle with the local student population – you’ll find fashion boutiques, specialty shops, live outdoor music & plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.

Downtown Tucson:

To round out your visit, stop through the downtown heartbeat of Tucson where you’ll discover museums, theaters, the historic ‘Hotel Congress plus local eats, drinks & random shops.

Mercado San Agustin

A charming Mexican-style marketplace & outdoor shopping center, featuring rustic courtyards, shaded eating areas, and dozens of locally-owned shops.  Often home to live, outdoor entertainment, street fairs, arts & performance shows – this is the place you’ll find the perfect Southwestern souvenir or gift, or just become immersed in the local culture.
Nearest Sun Link Station:
Just ask the JW Marriott concierge for directions to the nearest streetcar station – it will be a short Uber or Taxi ride from Starr Pass! Here is a more Sun Link Information.
Streetcar Payment: 
Cash is not accepted, tickets will range from $.50 to $4.00 depending on if you want a short hop, or all day pass, and can be purchased at any stop or station along the way.

Must Try Local Eats!

While you are out & about, adventuring – here are a few mouth-watering experiences to seek out:
Tucson’s own savory invention: The Sonoran Dog, a Mexican-style dog that has many purveyors in the city claiming to be ‘THE BEST (or the original)’.  Depending on where you are at in the city, here is a Top Ten list of suggested locations to seek one out – YOU be the judge!
If Mexican Street Food (or tacos specifically) are your thing, you’ve come to the right city.  A vast variety of Mexican restaurants exist in Tucson solely to satisfy your quest for the ‘Best Taco Ever’, from popular food trucks, to fine-dining – you have your work cut out for you.  Here is great list to get you started!
You may not know it just yet, but soon you’ll understand what ‘Craving a Tostiloco’ is all about. On your journey to find savory Mexican Street Food, be sure and check out the menu for a tasty Tostiloco – and try one!
Have we managed to inspire the ‘explorer’ in you yet?  We can’t wait to hear about your Tucson adventures when we see you at PECAA’s Annual Meeting 2018 in a few short weeks!

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