By Janice Pimentel, Social Media Specialist

A strong digital presence is key to business success.

In today’s marketing world, a strong digital presence is key to business success. Social Media has become the essential tool to leverage that presence and to tap into new revenue streams.
Already have a Facebook page for your business? Excellent, you are off to great start. Are you utilizing Facebook to its fullest potential? As PECAA’s Social Media expert, my job is to help you attract new patients to your practice – driving revenue growth and practice profitability.
With 1.49 billion active monthly users, Facebook has more users than Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp combined.¹ In the US, 72% of all online adults are active on Facebook and they spend an average of 40 minutes per day on the platform. ²³

Connect with the right audience.

bigstock-Pie-Charts-Composed-Of-People-108707330 [Converted]Simply put, Facebook is too big for you to ignore. This huge volume of traffic allows Facebook to gather numerous demographic and behavioral data which you can use to aim your advertising at the right audience and truly connect with prospective patients.
Imagine the number of people living within a 5-mile radius of your practice. For most practices that will be tens – even hundreds – of thousands of potential patients. Now imagine that you can segment all those people based on proximity, age, education, interests such as brands (Oakley, Coach, Michael Kors) or activities (golf, fishing, geocaching), to name but a few options. You can now take this carefully constructed list of prospects and deploy a Facebook advertising campaign specifically designed for them. Moreover; you only pay for the ad when someone from your target audience physically clicks through to visit your Facebook page or your practice website. This click-through to your page(s) is critical to winning new patients, so a robust Facebook presence and a modern website are key components to successful Facebook ad campaigns. It is also important to remember that Facebook ad campaigns are most effective when they are coordinated with events or promotions going on at your practice.

Grow Revenue & Profitability

Bryan Hoban is PECAA’s MBA Manager and his team helps hundreds of PECAA Members benchmark their business with our SuccessTRACK Production Tracking Software (powered by Glimpse). There are now over 385 practice locations on the tracking software and Bryan reports that the average revenue per patient in PECAA practices in 2015 was $336.27. This important piece of practice data allows me to precisely illustrate how Facebook advertising can grow your practice revenue and profitability.

PECAA’s Social Media Service Can Help!

It is rare to find such effective marketing at such a low cost. PECAA’s Social Media services help you achieve great marketing results by working with you all the way through your campaign from creating your message to providing real time analytics of your success.

Ready to get started?

Contact janice@pecaa.com or call me at 503.670.9200

* PECAA charges $100 per Facebook Ad Campaign
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