7 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About New Orleans…

We are ramping up for PECAA’s biggest Annual Meeting yet, May 19-21, 2016 at the New Orleans Marriott located in the heart of the French Quarter. We can’t wait to welcome you to New Orleans, a city brimming with history, incredible food, drink and entertainment!
In the coming weeks, we’ll be sending out New Orleans fun facts, tid-bits of history and hints about the experiences we have planned for you. To start off, check out our Seven Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About New Orleans:
e534ecf1d6d389b1284dc347a96a0bb71. It’s All In The Pronunciation!
It’s pronounced New Or-linz, not Nawlins or certainly not New Orleenz. Brush up on your pronunciation here, so you’ll fit right in!
2. Did Someone Say Alcoholic Beverages?
There are no strict open container laws in New Orleans. Visitors are always amazed to find that you can walk around outside while sipping an adult beverage. On the other hand, NOLA natives are always amazed to find that in other cities, you can’t!
Want a drink-on-the go? Just ask the bartender for a “go-cup” and be on your way! You can even get drinks at drive-through daiquiri shops (sorry, if you’re driving, you can’t put your straw in the drink!)
pbrgkixhoby4vc01yqbw3. The Dead Aren’t Even Buried Underground
The average elevation of New Orleans is currently between 1-2 feet below sea level, with some portions of the city as high as 20 feet, and as low as 7 feet below sea level in the furthest reaches of Eastern NOLA. Because of the city’s unique elevation, New Orleans cemeteries are above-ground. It’s actually very popular to take tours of these distinctive graveyards.
4. “Yat” Dialect
When Someone says ‘Where y’at?’ they don’t want to know where you physically are, rather it’s a question on your state of being (and a great introduction to the local “Yat” dialect). Similarly, ‘Who dat?” is not a question of identity; it’s the official New Orleans Saints fan chant. If you are lucky enough to experience a Saints game, be prepared to join in the shouting, “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!” Check out these Colorful Words of NOLA to fully arm yourself to blend with the Natives!
Bourbon Street, New Orleans5. Frenchmen Street vs. Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street has a colorful history and has long-been a cornerstone of the French Quarter, with a vast array of food, bar and entertainment establishments up & down this busy hub. A place you may not have heard about is a local gem where the natives head; Frenchmen Street. This area is a mecca of live musicians, found both inside and outside the clubs, restaurants and bars. The debate between Bourbon vs. Frenchmen continues, so be sure to visit both and you be the judge!
tortoice6. Alligator & Turtle are Readily Available Delicacies
The turtle soup at Commander’s Palace is a New Orleans culinary classic, but you’ll find delicious renditions of turtle soup all around the city. Alternatively, there’s no shortage of alligator dishes to check out – from fried alligator to alligator po’ boys to the alligator cheesecake at Jacques-Imo’s. Smack your lips around a local delicacy, you might be surprised just how tasty they are!
brad-pitt-angelina-jolie7. This City Has a Ton of Famous Residents
New Orleans is filled with local celebrities. Sandra Bullock, Solange Knowles, John Goodman, Lil Wayne, and Brangelina (just to name a few) all have houses in New Orleans. Keep your eyes peeled…you never know who you might bump into!
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Are you excited yet? We are! We’ll meet you in NOLA for the 2016 Annual Meeting and a true taste of Big Easy culture! Visit pcom.cloudroots.net/2016-annual-meeting for complete details.

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