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The primary goal of the Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) advertising campaign is to change public behavior, and convince Americans to pay more attention to their eye health and vision care. What is the net effect of that on your office? You should see new patients who find your office through the practice locater at, and your current patients coming back for exams more regularly.
In particular, the ads can help motivate those “current” patients – who have been in the office before – but not been back for an exam for over three years. Every office has these patients. When they hear a TAYE radio ad or see one on TV, then become motivated to call for an appointment, this is just as valuable to your practice as a “new” patient (in fact, under Medicare’s definition, they are a new patient).
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, the TAYE ads are reaching Americans – and working. Eye exams are growing around the country more than twice as fast as the growth rate before TAYE’s national advertising started.

Here’s an example of one PECAA Member practice, and what they have seen in patient activity recently.

Dayton Optometric Center is a three-doctor practice in Dayton, Ohio. Brothers Marc Gilbert, OD and Heath Gilbert,OD, signed up for a Premium listing on the TAYE locater in late July, and have been seen by many searching patients in the two and a half months since.
A look at the search statistics on their TAYE listing shows:
• Searches of their zip code: 132
• Patients who have read their profile or pulled map directions: 3
• Patients who have called the office from their mobile phone while viewing their listing: 2
• Patients who have requested an appointment while viewing their listing: 2
So four patients have either called or clicked to request an appointment directly. Out of the 132 who searched for a doctor, how many have then called the office for an appointment? There’s really no way to know, other than carefully questioning patients when they come in for their exam. Either way, that’s good immediate exposure for Dayton Optometric Center – and longer term, we are educating the American public, improving their eye health and vision care, and growing practices!


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PECAA, along with our Premier Vendor Partners Luxottica and HOYA, are pleased to offer an exciting program with Think About Your Eyes, exclusively for PECAA Members! Proven to grow eye exams, Think About Your Eyes reaches millions of consumers through powerful national advertising campaigns and educational messages. You now have the opportunity to receive a Premium listing on their doctor locator – at a huge savings!


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As a current PECAA Member and customer of Luxottica and HOYA, you can now save $250 on a Premium annual listing on!
Premium Annual Listing Exclusive Pricing:
•  Standard price for premium annual listing: $500
•  PECAA, Luxottica and HOYA will each pay $50 toward the cost of the listing **
•  TAYE/AOA will pay $100 toward the cost of the listing *
•  Reducing your out-of-pocket cost to only $250 – a 50% discount!
* Must be a current Luxottica customer to qualify * Must be a current HOYA customer and purchase a minimum of $2500 per quarter to qualify * Must be an AOA Member to qualify


State Optometric Association Leadership Level

If your state optometric association is at the State Leadership level, and you are a member, you can save even more! Practices located in leadership states will receive an extra $200 incentive, lowering your final cost to only $50!
Think About Your Eyes is always adding new state associations to the list of leadership states. Currently, the following states are at the leadership level: South Dakota, North Dakota, West Virginia, Louisiana, Washington, Mississippi, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Rhode Island, Iowa Arkansas, Nebraska, Michigan, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Utah.


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Contact Think About Your Eyes today to sign up and find out what your exact Premium listing price will be. Jon Torrey, Director of Professional Relations 703.548.6736

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