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As parents and children alike get ready for the back-to-school season, Think About Your Eyes is gearing up its Q3 advertising campaign and educating the public on the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams for the 38 million school-aged children in the United States. The national campaign, ‘The eyes you’re born with’, began on July 20 and can be viewed online at

According to separate research studies from Think About Your Eyes and the American Optometric Association:

• 89% of parents incorrectly believe that vision screenings, as offered in schools and at pediatrician’s offices, are an effective way to detect vision problems in infants and children.

• 34% of parents have never taken their child to an eye doctor.

• Of parents of children under age six, 49% have never taken their child to an eye doctor.

“The vision community, through Think About Your Eyes, is dedicated to educating parents on the difference between school vision screenings and a comprehensive eye exam, and ensuring that they know the importance and life-long value of regularly scheduled comprehensive eye exams for their kids,” said Dave Plogmann, managing director of Think About Your Eyes. “We have a responsibility for the eye and vision health of our nation’s children, because healthy eyes—as well as good vision—are as essential as schools to a child’s ability to learn.”

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