Billing & Coding: Planning for Success in 2015

Presented by: Teri Thurston, Billing & Coding Manager
2015 will continue to bring unprecedented changes to the eye care industry, likely affecting your practice’s day-to-day operations. Understanding and planning for these changes will help ensure your practice’s success throughout the year and into 2016. ICD-10, meaningful use, revenue cycle management, where to begin and how to use these changes for your success will require planning, education and action.
During the Peer-to-Peer Dinner, you will share ideas with your peers and find out how to address these issues and learn additional steps you can take to achieve billing and coding success in your practice.
Please come to your dinner prepared to discuss:
• Coding Changes in 2015
• Planning for ICD-10
• Claims management for enhanced cash flow
• Meaningful Use
The Billing & Coding discussion topic will be presented at the following cities:
• Lincoln, NE
• Ft. Worth, TX
• Oklahoma City, OK
• Houston, TX
• Portland, OR
• San Antonio, TX
• Seattle, WA
• Southern, OR
• Tri-Cities, WA
• Salt Lake City, UT
• Tulsa, OK
• Boise, ID
• Spokane, WA

Internal Marketing

Presented by: Brett Fish, Digital Marketing Manager
When most people hear the word “marketing” – they usually think of external advertising. But internal marketing to your existing patients and customers is equally important and can be even more lucrative and rewarding.
During the Peer-to-Peer discussion, we will dive deeper into how to communicate and market to your existing customers, stimulate word-of-mouth referrals, and create a unified patient experience with your brand.
Discussion points include:
• Branding and promotional items
• Recall systems and online reviews
• Signage and displays
• Referral programs and rewards
• Email marketing
Please come prepared to share ideas, success stories and experiences you’ve had in your practice related to internal marketing.
The Internal Marketing discussion topic will be presented at the following cities:
• Cincinnati, OH
• Madison, WI
• Kansas City, MO
• Minneapolis, MN
• Grand Forks, ND
• Cleveland, OH
• Columbus, OH
• Denver, CO

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