motley-sliderPECAA Member Spotlight: Caring For Patients Who Are Headed Back To School

PECAA Member Dr. Bridget Motley is one of the doctors from Children’s Eye Care Center in Oklahoma City, specializing in pediatric eye care. Just in time for back-to-school season, Dr. Motley answers questions on caring for young patients headed back to school, educating parents, how to help kids feel confident with their eyewear, and much more!

gogglesQ: Explain how you make the exam process easy and fun for kids:
Our technicians are extremely nice and compliment patients along the way. We stock toys in the lobby and in all of our exam lanes. For infants and toddlers, we have found that toys with lights and motion work very well. We also have a child friendly playroom and entertaining fish aquarium in the waiting area for children. Each exam lane is coordinated with a Disney theme to make the atmosphere more fun and child friendly.
Q: How do you educate parents on the importance of eye health?
Our doctors routinely use photographs and eye models to educate on eye health and eye conditions. At the close of the exam, our doctors verbally state the next expected visit and answer any questions the family and patients may have. Parents are welcome to ask any questions as we go through the exam and our doctors make sure parents understand the importance of eye health before they leave our office.
Q: Do you do any special marketing or promotions for back-to-school season? If so, what types of things do you do?
We have a high rating with patients and parents so we have not had to rely on special marketing or promotions. We offer a discounted complete pair of glasses for our contact lens wearers to ensure they have a back-up in the event that a contact lens related problem occurs.
shop1Q: Describe the process of helping your younger patients choose a pair of glasses:
The key is to involve the child as much or more than the parent to minimize breakage or loss associated with the child not liking the glasses. Our opticians start by asking our young patients their favorite colors and cartoon characters. Our staff lets the child try on any frame they like and then helps the family make adjustments on parent approved style and appropriate size.
 Q: How do you help your patients “feel cool” in their new glasses?
Our doctors and staff are very good at giving a lot of compliments and reassuring patients how great they look in their new frames. Many of our staff are wearing glasses themselves so it helps the patients see that they are not the only ones wearing glasses.
Q: What kid’s frame lines have you been successful with?
We have found most success with Disney, XGames, Converse, Nike, Juicy Couture, Sketchers, Luxottica and Modern Optical.
shop2Q: What types of lenses do you recommend for kids?
We recommend shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses for all patients under the age of 18. We have had the most success with polycarbonate.
Q: What do you recommend for kids who are active in sports? Any protective lenses?
For children active in sports, we recommend Liberty Sports Frames with shatter resistant lens materials. We also recommend contact lenses for sports when appropriate.
Q: Are you prescribing any digital protection (blue light) lenses? If so, have they been successful?
At this time we are not prescribing any digital blue light lenses. Once we learn more about blue light lenses and the statistical significance in research, we will make the decision to incorporate this option into our practice.
Q: What type of staff training do you offer both your technicians and your opticians?
We bring in outside vendor and lab representatives to help with training on new products available. Additionally, we recommend that all of our technicians strive for certifications in their fields. Our ophthalmologists will also have technicians shadow them in surgeries so they can get a good feel for the procedures.
Q: What overall advice would you give fellow PECAA Members on caring for children’s eyes?
Slow down! Every doctor dealing with children should make sure to take the time to listen to both the children and the parents. It is important to make both the family and the patient feel comfortable and educated so the child’s eye health can be a team effort.

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