PECAA_Portraits-012The Evolving Landscape of Independent Optometry

2014 is underway and we’ve had time to reflect on the past year and lessons learned.  We are also looking ahead at the future, set goals, and plan for the changes that may lie ahead.  People often make resolutions at the dawn of a new year, and at PECAA we are no different.  The changes that we have witnessed in the optical industry over the past 18 months have been staggering.  With consolidation of vendors, the Affordable Care Act, rapidly changing technology, EHR mandates, social media marketing, global sourcing of optical products, e-commerce…….the list goes on and on.
As an independent eye care business owner, where should you turn for help?Who can you trust?  As doctors, we are inundated with the minutia of day to day business.  According to the AOS, in light of declining insurance reimbursements, we need to see more patients per day to make the same amount of revenue.  We are already overwhelmed with how to manage our staff, market our practice, incorporate new technologies in social media, proper utilization of our practice website, e-commerce, etc.  So often we go about our day to day tasks completely oblivious to what is really happening in our industry.  There is so much bubbling beneath the surface of this crazy optical industry, which again begs the question…….why join a doctor alliance group like PECAA?

From Small Beginnings to National Thought Leader

So what did PECAA look like in 2008?  We had 17 practices in Oregon and Washington and one employee.  We were considered a cute little group from the Pacific Northwest, but we had a mission and we had a group of doctors that believed that there had to be a better way.  Today we have 1,200 doctors in almost 700 locations in 35 states across the nation. We have a diverse and talented staff of 13 employees, and we are lead by an energetic Chief Operating Officer who has worked on the vendor side of the industry for 16 years and relishes the role of leading the charge on behalf of our PECAA doctors throughout the country.


Why PECAA?  As you all know, there are multiple consultants waiting and willing to help you, but at what cost?  I can assure you, the vendors that sell you product will try to convince you that they can help your practice.  They are ready and willing to provide you an e-commerce solution, practice consultation, marketing tools, etc.  Why?  They want to tie you to their products with these services so that you have to do business with them, again…….at what cost?
At PECAA, we started our company on the premise that we will be behind the scenes working on behalf of you and your practice.  We believe that you are an independent practitioner because you want to be free to make decisions and control your own destiny.  We are seeing more and more vendor programs that are hell bent on controlling your future for you.  Are you content to lay down and let this happen?  At PECAA our members will never be held to a contract, we don’t ask for a percentage of your hard earned revenue, and you are free to leave our group if you don’t believe you are receiving real value.
Why PECAA?  Because we believe that left to the current powers that be in our industry, life as we have known it as an independent eye care provider is in danger.  Alone in our isolated practices we are incapable of eliciting change but as a group we have a voice.  PECAA is that independent voice and we are currently at the table with the major players in the industry and, trust me, we are being heard.
In future blog posts we will introduce you to some of the talented people that work on your behalf at PECAA.  We will also look closely at some of the pressing issues that we face today and will be facing in the near future.
Please pay a visit to and learn more about the fastest growing Doctor Alliance Group in the industry.  We are humbled and appreciative of the loyal support that we have received from our Members and Vendor Partners that share our vision.  In return, we promise to continue working hard to earn and keep your trust.
Lance G. Anderson, OD
Co-Founder – PECAA

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